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Download music and videos from YouTube

When you come across a video on YouTube that is an absolute favorite and worth saving, you'll certainly appreciate a YouTube video downloader for Mac or for Windows that will assist you in downloading this video and being able to watch it even when there is no Internet connection. And when such a downloader can also download music from YouTube - it is a must-have app. Airy can download YouTube videos in MP4, and if you happen or only want their soundtracks, it will download YouTube MP3 on Mac easily.
Windows XP or higher For OS X 10.7+

YouTube HD Downloader

An easy YouTube video downloader that allows you to pause and resume downloads, start multiple downloads at a time, save videos in selected formats and resolutions. With Airy for Mac you can save the complete YouTube playlists and channels, while with Airy for Windows you can save entire YouTube playlists.

Download YouTube MP3

There are so many times when all you need is a soundtrack from a YouTube video. So why download a video when you can right away download it as MP3? Airy will save the audio file from YouTube video and will keep its title and album art. The process is as easy as can be - copy and paste the link, choose audio format and click 'Download'.

Playlists and channels

With Airy for Mac you can save the complete YouTube playlists and channels, while with Airy for Windows you can save entire YouTube playlists. Both versions are really straightforward and easy to use: copy and paste YouTube link, select the file format from drop down menu, and click 'Download'. When Airy is downloading playlists each item can be saved in the best possible quality.
Free version of Airy will download first two items of a YouTube channel or playlist. Note that free Airy doesn't have an option of adding multiple links at a time for batch downloading.
Eltima developed Airy so you can backup your personal media content for offline usage. If you are planning to back up someone else's content, be aware that as a user you are completely responsible for any potential copyright issues.

Set the Video Quality

You can download from YouTube without sacrificing the quality of your videos. Save them in MP4, FLV, and 3GP in a resolution you want (which will depend on the original quality of the video). Airy also supports HD videos, including 4K and 8K Ultra HD videos. Keep in mind to choose the resolution according to the device you will watch videos on, for example lower resolution is better for a mobile device, whereas you should try to choose the highest possible resolution for bigger screens.

Integrate With a Browser

To catch all your downloads even faster, Airy can be integrated with your favorite web browser - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Download YouTube videos in MP4 on Mac effortlessly thanks to the browser integration - just click Airy bookmark when you see a great video.

Login & password (available in Airy for Mac)

If the videos you are going to download from YouTube are age-restricted or protected, you'll need to login to your account and then you can download even these types of videos with Airy.

Download YouTube Videos with Subtitles (available in Airy for Mac)

If a YouTube video you will be downloading has subtitles, you can easily save them along in SRT format that is supported by the majority of video players.

Airy YouTube Downloader

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