Torrent Client for Mac

Folx is a free torrent client for Mac that makes torrent exchange a pleasure and offers comprehensive torrenting possibilities to those who are new to BitTorrent protocol. With Folx one can prioritize download tasks, manage download and upload speed, assign tags to downloaded files according to their contents.

Best BitTorrent client for Mac

As a Mac BitTorrent client Folx is the easiest way you can choose in terms of torrent downloading: download tasks prioritizing, regulated upload and download speeds, quick location of all downloaded content thanks to smart tagging feature, etc.

Magnet links

Our best Mac torrent client supports regular .torrent files as effortlessly as it does magnet links. Magnet links are very popular right now thanks to the fact that users can get information from other users directly. Additionally, this method a user increases their chance of downloading the needed content even if the original tracker is not public or closed.

Torrent Search PRO

Folx BitTorrent client for Mac is so convenient that you don't even have to leave the application to search for new torrents. No need to open multiple torrent trackers in your web browser - just enter the search words in Folx and the manager will do everything else, listing all the results for you.

With Folx PRO you can:

Download faster PRO

Folx can be the fastest torrent client for Mac thanks to splitting the downloads in up to 20 threads for the most efficient download speed possible.

Optimize download speedPRO

Folx BitTorrent client for Mac lets you control the speed of your downloads and uploads either manually or automatically so that the Internet traffic is allocated properly among the apps that need to be online.

Schedule your downloads PRO

For your ultimate convenience you can set the schedule for your downloads. Tell Folx when to start the downloads and what to do once it has finished its tasks: shut down the system, switch to sleeping mode or quit the app.

Add music & videos to iTunes automatically PRO

Folx torrent client for Mac OS X can be set to add downloaded music and videos to iTunes playlists automatically. Playlists correspond to the tags you assigned to your downloads.

Save login details for favorite websites PRO

When you are downloading from websites requiring your login, you can save the login details for the most visited ones. This way you won't have to enter name and password each time you need to download something from your favorite tracker. Folx can also save passwords for FTP and HTTP websites.

Download videos from YouTube PRO

If you also want to use Folx for your YouTube downloads, you can easily do so and choose the preferred format for them. You can save MP3 from YouTube as easily! Simply choose this format when creating a task. You can start downloads manually or schedule them.


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