Elmedia Player PRO
Universal online video downloader

Elmedia Player PRO is a multitasker online video downloader Mac solution that supports a multitude of websites and file formats for downloading. Useful features that it offers include a native web browser where you can find content you'd like to download and fetch it to your computer without leaving the app; Open URL feature allows you to watch YouTube videos without built-in ads. You can download video and audio files and then play them in Elmedia right away thanks to its versatility and flexible format support.

Download all types of videos PRO

Any file types you may encounter, plus you can capture streaming video on Mac (embedded via HTML5 and RTMP videos).

Popular video hosting services as Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion, and Facebook are of course supported. And many more! So if you were wondering how to download Vimeo videos on Mac, Elmedia Player PRO is the way to go.

You can download from many websites the very same way you download YouTube videos on Mac – switch to browser mode, enter the link, choose a video and click Download.

Download files with the preferred video format and resolution. If the original video you are downloading had subtitles, Elmedia Player PRO will save them with an SRT extension.

If it is just the soundtrack you want, download files as MP3, M4A or other supported sound formats.

Elmedia Player PRO and its wide range of outstanding possibilities

  • Flip video image vertically, rotate, mirror, or revert changes if needed.
  • Adjust color, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • Manage subtitles as you want: set the language, font, size and color.
  • Loop any part of video, tune sound with the 10-band audio equalizer with popular presets, adjust video and image layout, etc.
  • Emulation of virtual surround and speakers in your headphones.

    Watch online videos and make screenshots

    Play online videos

    Open Online Video: play YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion videos directly in the app but without the built-in ads.

    Screenshot series

    Snap screenshots precisely of any moment of a currently playing movie, or make your entire video into the series of images at a chosen interval.

    Myo connect

    Elmedia Player supports Myo armband - play, pause, volume control, etc.


    Elmedia Player will stream video and audio content to other devices and other Mac computers with Elmedia via AirPlay. You can also stream from an AirPlay device to Elmedia Player on your Mac. Things to note when streaming through AirPlay with Elmedia:

    • You can play AVI, MKV, FLV, and 3GP videos on Apple TV without converting them 1
    • Elmedia supports embedded and external subtitles for streaming 2

      1. Elmedia will stream any file type, with the exception of VIDEO_TS, EXE, and SWF.

      2. AirPlay itself supports YouTube videos in MP4, but doesn't support FLV, MKV, and 3GP.

      Elmedia PRO has outstanding features for you to enjoy

      Download online videos and music from various websites.
      Loop any part of a video continuously.
      Enhance playback with a 10-band audio equalizer with presets, video and image layout adjustments, etc.
      Make a screenshot of any moment of a current video.

      Elmedia Player PRO

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